Is your vehicle made with the cutting-edge technology that makes it use a keyless remote? Has your remote developed a fault making you have a hard time using it? You don’t have to abandon your remote. Just contact us, and we will fix it, and you can enjoy its full functionality again.

Modern cars come with keyless remotes as part of their standard features to ensure optimum comfort and safety. The remotes are an improvement on the accessories for modern vehicles to make accessibility and control stylish and easier. By pressing a button on the remote, you can control the ignition, lock or unlock the door, and switch on or off the interior. The remote also enhances the security system of vehicles.

With the benefits and convenience of the remotes, it becomes a great hassle if they become faulty; in that, you have to resort to using the keys to operate the vehicle, and you may not be able to communicate with your vehicle as you would with the remote. Meanwhile, the remote may require just a change of its batteries.

Before you abandon your remote, contact us at immediately. We are an automotive locksmith company equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and skills to repair your remotes. We can fix the electronic control module in the remotes to send correct codes and signals to activate the vehicles.

To prevent your vehicle from switching off automatically as a result of cyclic cryptographic coding (after the remote sends invalid codes three consecutive times) that is almost impossible to scan, contact us immediately you notice that the vehicle’s response does not correspond with the action you initiated on the remote.